Stir-Fried Tempeh with Sweet Soy Sauce

Some people may don't like the stink bean on their food, but give it a try and you'll like it apart from the stink smell.


Quantity for 4 servings
500 g Tempeh, cut into matchstick
100 ml Water
55 g Palm sugar
1 tbsp Tamarind concentrate
1 tsp Salt
3 whole Shallot, sliced
2 clove Garlic, sliced
3 whole Long red chili, sliced
100 g Stink bean, halved
2 cup Cooking oil
4 tbsp Sweet soy sauce


1Heat oil in a fry pan over medium heat. Add tempeh and fry until cooked. Remove and drain the excess oil.
2Remove the oil from the pan but reserve about 3 tbsp. Add shallot, garlic and chili to the pan and saute until fragrant.
3Add tempeh, soy sauce, stink bean and tamarind concentrate. Mix well.
4Remove the heat and serve with warm rice.