Traditional Dutch fluffy pancake balls which easy to make.

Source: http://v-recipes.blogspot.co.id/2013_02_01_archive.html


Quantity for 8 servings
250 g All purpose flour
0.5 tsp Dried yeast
75 g Sugar
3 whole Egg, beaten
400 ml Milk
50 g Unsalted butter, melted, add about 3 tbsp more for frying
0.25 tsp Salt
50 g Cheddar cheese, diced into 1/2 cm
1 cup Fine granulated sugar


1In a bowl, mix flour, yeast and sugar. Set aside.
2Mix beaten egg and milk in another bowl. Then gradually add the egg mixture to the flour mixture while mixing.
3Add the melted butte and salt to the batter and mix well. Let sit to double for about 15 minutes.
4Meanwhile heat the pofferjets pan over medium heat (if you don't have the pofferjets pan, you can use takoyaki pan). Grease the pan with butter then pour the batter to the pan then add the diced cheese in the middle. Fry until cooked and the batter is set.
5Once the bottom of pofferjets turn golden and a bit of brown, turn over. You can use bamboo skewer to turn it over. Cook again until both sides of pofferjetts become golden and a bit brown. Remove from the pan and place it to the plate.
6Sprinkle with granulated sugar and serve.