Potato Bitterballen

A lovely snack even for kids, with veggies on it. Inspired from Dutch classic bitterballen.

Source: http://www.sashylittlekitchen.com/2015/02/bitterballen-kentang-kroket-ala-belanda.html


Quantity for 4 servings
300 g Potato, steamed and mashed
50 g Boneless chicken breast, boiled and minced
150 ml Milk
50 g All purpose flour
0.5 whole Onion, diced
0.25 tsp Ground white pepper
1 tsp Salt, or to taste
1.5 tsp Sugar
150 g Frozen mixed vegetables, thawed
2 whole Chinese celery, finely chopped
1 tbsp Margarine
2 cup Bread crumbs
1 Egg, lightly beaten


1Heat margarine in a wok. Add onion and saute until fragrant. Add boiled chicken and vegetables, mix well.
2Reduce the heat into low then gradually add flour while stirring.
3Pour milk while stirring constantly until thickened. Turn off the heat.
4Add mashed potato and mix well.
5Add the rest of ingredients, mix well. Taste and adjust to your liking. Let cool.
6Once it cool, shape the dough into balls. Roll it onto breadcrumbs then to egg and back to breadcrumbs again.
7Heat oil in clean wok then fry bitterballen until golden brown. Remove and drain.
8Serve with your favorite chili sauce.