Quantity for 20 servings
8 Egg
400 g All purpose flour
250 g Candied green cherry
250 g Candied red cherry
250 g Raisin
100 g Succade
500 g Almond slice
250 g Unsalted butter
250 g Margarine
0.25 tbsp Vanila powder
500 g Sugar
1 cup Fine granulated sugar


1Mix margarine and butter and sugar until it's soft and white and the sugar crumbles.
2Gradually add the egg while stirring the batter.
3Sieve flour and vanilla powder into the batter while keep stirring until combine.
4Add all the candied ingredients to the batter.
5Pour the batter into baking pan or any loaf pan you like.
6Bake in 180C for more or less 40 minutes until golden brown. Remove from the oven, flip and let cool.
7Slice the cake and serve immediately.