Indonesian snack with rice roll wrapped in banana leaf stuffed with beef.


Quantity for 30 servings
750 g Rice, cleaned, drained
2 Bay leave
1.5 tbsp Salt
3 bundle Banana
750 ml Coconut milk
1 ltr Water
1 tbsp Sugar
500 g Ground beef
1 tbsp Galangal, about 1 inch, bruised
2 Scallion, sliced
6 Shallot
4 clove Garlic
2 Long red chili, seeded and sliced diagonally
2 tbsp Cooking oil


1To make the rice, combine rice, 750 ml coconut milk, 750 ml water, bay leave, galangal and 1 tbsp salt in a pot. Let boil until cooked or until the liquid dry. Or you can cook the rice in rice cooker. After it cooked, let the rice cool.
2To make the filling, grind shallot, garlic and chili into fine paste.
3Heat oil in a fry pan then add the spices paste and cook until fragrant. Add the ground beef and cook until the beef is no longer pink then add the scallion. Season with 0.5 tbsp salt and sugar. Taste and adjust to your liking. Remove the heat and let cool.
4Prepare one sheet banana leave, add enough rice and flatten it. Add the filling in the middle then wrap and roll banana leave the seal with toothpick.
5Steam the rice roll for about 1 hour. Remove the rice roll and let cool.
6Serve immediately.